Updated: Dec 29, 2020

There are many things that prospective owners should consider before buying a dog. Two main things to consider:-

1. the breed of the dog should be compatible to the would-be owner and family.

2. the ability to meet the needs of a dog.

This blog aims to guide you with some thoughts and suggestions.

So, we advise Making a Checklist:

Make a checklist of certain priorities before deciding to buy a dog. Here are some suggestions: -

  • Will the breed of dog, I buy, fit into my household and my lifestyle?

  • Will the dog I buy be good with small and older children?

  • Do I have enough financial resources to take care of the dog and what do I have to put in place to ensure my dog’s well- being – dog beds, dog insurance, food, vet care etc.?

  • Do I have the time to take the dog for a walk, for check-ups, grooming and playtime and do I have a garden?

It is important to get this right before buying a particular breed of dog. An impulsive decision is a recipe for disaster which makes for an unhappy owner, family, and dogs. You want a dog that will be part of your life for many years to come, to share happy memories with. So, folks, please do your research and take your time before buying your best friend.

1. Lifestyle: Your lifestyle is the most important thing to consider when deciding on the breed of dog. Your children factor in a great deal in this decision, for instance golden retrievers are best to have in a household with babies as they are gentle. They are ideal dogs for people who have children in their house.

2. Size of the dog: Not all sizes of a dog will be comfortable for you. So, think about the size of the breed against the size of your home. It is great to want a Great Dane but its not a good idea if you live in a studio apartment or a flat.

Also, remember when the dog comes back from a walk or after playing, they often become dirty, so making provisions for this as planning is vital in pet care. So, buy the dog that you know you can love and cope with.

3. Training: After choosing your breed of dog, consider your pooches training needs. You can train your dog on your own or you can send your dog to obedience training, but it is important to build in time to work with your dog a regular basis.

A tip - some types of breeds take longer to train then others, just like us humans!! Perseverance and patience are key!!

4. Veterinary expenses: Be prepared to pay for veterinary expenses. Vet fees are generally high and it is crucial to factor this in at an early stage. There are lots of pet insurance and pet care scheme out there, check with your vets.

Plus of course the expenses of dog food, toys, beds, makes this a heavy commitment. The need to hire a dog walker or sitter might also arise if you do not have time for it.

These are some of the most important factors to consider when deciding which is the right breed of dog for you. However, saying that, for most of us pet owners, it was one of the best decisions we made, and we have never looked back!!

Have a good day, folks

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