Does My Cat Love Me??

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Here at PD Pets Supplies, we have in recent months, been trying to learn about cat and dog behaviours. Not sure how it works for you, but for me, I don't think about their behaviours until it grabs my attention and then I normally google the answers. Good old Google eh!!

But does your kitties love you? Here's how you know:-

Kitty Purring - Have you heard these little rumbling like noise vibrating from them - they are mostly happy noises. Purring when they are happy and engaged, and purring when they are not so happy but you know the unhappy purr, it gets louder by the minute and you can see distress...

Kitty Rolling - The lovely Kitties want your attention and they are excited to see their beloved human. They are demanding your attention especially when they show you their belly!

Kitty Meows Kitties are polite, they don't meow at other kitties. only to their mums, but they grow out of this too... eventually, they meow especially for their pet mummies and daddies.

Kitty Bunting Rubbing cheeks in other words, either on you, objects or head butts you with their foreheads. Two things here to remember they are leaving their scent on you as well marking territory. You are their territory, how cat-tastic is that??

Kitty Grooming Kitty loves their grooming, they also love grooming their best kitty friends. But guess what, they show their love by kitty grooming you too, licking your hair, nibbling at your clothes to show their love and affection.

Kitty and Tall This happens when with their elevated butt pose, you got to scratch the base of the tail. These signals love, love and love.... and if they show you their rear end, they are showing affection. Flagging tails high is a sign of respect and they do this with their pet parents too.

Summing up, love and care shown to your kitties equals unmeasurable kitty-cat love, affection and loyalty. You got to put something into it. YOURSELF AND GREAT KITTY PRODUCTS TO help you care for your lovely kitty cats.

So here some suggestions on what we can do to help you help your cats.

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