January 2021 - New Year Resolutions and International Dog Walking Month

2020 is nearly over and most people will agree that its been a very tough year. Probably one of the toughest we have gone through in our life time. The end of the Corona Virus pandemic is probably the new goal for the whole world and something, we are all looking forward to!!

With the end of the year looming, our human spirits always look forward to the New Year. Most of us tend to gravitate towards making plans and resolutions for the year, setting goals and just having the hope for better things to come.

One of my resolutions for the New Year, is to take my two Lhasa's out for long walks. This is my two pronged strategy to tackle my Christmas holiday weight gain (to put it mildly) and to help my chubbier little Lhasa, called Charlie to lose weight.

This, then ties in perfectly with January being the official International Dog Walking Month. For those of us, who have dogs, aspiring to have dogs or are dog walking for friends, family or neighbours, this January is the perfect time/excuse to kickstart the resolution to look after our dogs and ourselves.

Why - Obesity or weight gain is not only a human problem, Our dogs and cats have the same problems as well.

Some statistics for you:-

52% of veterinary professionals agreed that obesity is in the top five list of problems surrounding our canine population (PDSA, Paws Report, 2020).


78% of veterinary professionals noted an increase in pet obesity over the last 2 years with Covid 19 contributing to this problem (PDSA, Paws Report, 2020).

So, to kickstart our January Walk Your Dog Month, we are offering our customers a 5% discount on all dog leads, dog collars, dog harnesses and dog beds with an extra offer of free delivery. The sale started on the 26th of December and will end Midnight of the 31st of December 2020.

Resolutions should be intentional but it should be fun as well. January will not be the easiest of months to do long walks with our pets, so being well prepared ahead of time is helpful to minimise stress for both dogs and dog owners.

So here are some helpful suggestions:

Remember you are the leader of the pack, so take charge of your walk and be ready.

Use appropriate dog leads and leashes that are suitable to your dog breed, size and

temperament - check out our Dexil Awareness Dog leads which are colour coded using the traffic light system,

With our hands free dogs lead, you are able to move, walk or run freely as well keep your hands in your pocket when the weather gets too cold or to even carry a torch.

Our Dog Harnesses are excellent to minimize pulling and it’s great for training, walking, and running with your dogs. Our range of harnesses as well as the lovely Urban Pub range of dog collars, leads and matching accessories will help to brighten the dark days of January.

Our flashing collars our a great way to add safety to your walks as the days will be shorter in January.

We also recommend our compact water bottle as a perfect companion for your walk to ensure your dog is well dehydrated.

The final suggestion is not to forget your poo bag dispenser and poo bags which our store offers not only in bright colours but with affordable price tags as well. Lastly but not least, ensure you bring along some dog treats to encourage your dog along the way.

At the end of your walk, have a lovely hot brew and put your feet up while your pets lounge in our fantastic range of side and front elevated dog beds, canvas and wicker dog beds, Bellagio cushions etcetera.

Just remember if you can foster the habit of walking your dogs during one the harshest months of the year, it will be a doddle for the rest of the year. At the end of January 2021, you will be able to pat yourself in the back and feel proud of your achievement.

Happy New Year, everyone, we hope it will bring many blessings and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Warmest regards

Perri Walsh

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