A Dog, his sleep and his dog bed

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Did you know that a dog sleeps between 12 -14 hours on average per day?

Our junior pups and senior dog citizens sleep even more or rather they SNOOZE between,

eating, playing, walking, making mischief and just being the bundle of fun cuteness that they are!! Its a dog's world, folks!!

Now some of us newbies are, (even me, I know I own an online pet store), but honestly I am a work in progress... in pet care and lots of other things. Everyday my two Lhasa's and my children teach me something new.

I also keep sniffing out/researching the best dog and cat products out there eg. like what cosy dog beds are still out there to add to our existent range of cosy washable beds for this store... but that's a different story and I am digressing...

So here's some pointers on our doggy sleeping positions:-

I am curled in a ball nose to tail - this is a pretty tight comfy position, pups and dogs do this to preserve heat and protect their bellies. Apparently, this is what animals and wolves do in the wild, although sometime pups sleep this way to express anxiety especially in new surroundings.

Crazy legs sleep position - Now people, this works the opposite of the curled in a ball nose to tail position. Our dogs are cooling down, happens often in summer, sweat glands are exposed and great way to get rid of heat!! Our heroes are independent little fellows, laid back, confident and secure enough to sleep in this position.

Side sleepers - this is a napping position but this position indicates that they are happy, secure and comfortable enough to expose their vital organs. We can't ask for more!!

Superman position - my most favourite of them all. Honestly, sometimes I think my two Lhasa's just turn into squirrels when they do this. Its awesome!! This is when I forgive them for all the mischief, they cause in the day. Pups love doing this, and its an indicator that they are ready to get up quickly, check out the fun and join in the mischief. This is a good time to have an energetic play!!

Lion's Pose - No, he not stating he is the King of the Jungle, he or she is being cool and dosing waiting for the next best thing to come along.

I hope this helps, as pet owners, we all worry about our pets, the same way we do children and people in our lives, and sometimes it really reassuring to know why our furry friends act the way they do...

Take care till we meet again...

Perri W xxx

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