About Us

About the Company

Hello and Welcome to PD Pets 


PD was founded in Nottingham after the owner struggled to find unique, quality pet products, at affordable prices, which suited her pet’s specific needs. PD now aims to make these products available to other pet owners, whilst continuing to introduce new, innovative products to ensure the best for your pets. Although PD Pets is a small, newly established company, we hope to grow, develop, and have a positive impact on the pet owner community.


Our Mission:

To create happy pets and happy  owners


Our Vision:

To be a well loved, affordable pet product retailer who provides only the best for your pets, focusing on improving pets lives and promoting responsible pet ownership


Our Promise:

To always put pets first
To promote responsible pet ownership
To support local businesses and animal charities
To provide excellent and honest customer service
To consider all customer feedback and act on this where needed

About the Owner

Hello everyone, my name is Perri Walsh, I am a  busy working mum of three beautiful girls, wife to Paul and happy owner of two delightful Lhasa Apso's, called Charlie and Teddy.  I started off having rabbits, then moved on to fish and finally my two lovelies.  I also work in mental health, my dogs help me de-stress and get me outdoors.  The dogs are a delight and like every pet owner, I started my search for pet accessories through trial and error, hence starting this website. I hope to provide other pet  owners with a one-stop pet store where you can browse and purchase easily.  One more thing everyone, although I never had cats or kittens, the products on this website have come through many hours of research and talking to cat lovers... Happy Browsing!


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Perri@pawsnclawsonlinestores.co.uk   /  6 Cavendish Avenue, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 4DT  /  07376187838

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